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How to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

Ireland is famous for "soft days" and year-round cool temperatures. You'll enjoy your visit more if you pack accordingly.

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Here's How:
  1. Prepare for cool, damp weather year round.
  2. Pack appropriately for the type of travel. Suits for a business trip, skirts, jeans, trousers for sightseeing.
  3. Casual attire works best for sightseeing. Jeans, khakis, wash and wear trousers, tee shirts and sweaters work well. Pack a skirt or wrinkle-free dress for church, dressy dinners. (Blazer and slacks for men.)
  4. Pack an umbrella and water-repellant coat, no matter what the season.
  5. Pack boots, scarf, gloves, warm woolens, turtlenecks, and all-weather coat for winter weather.
  6. The rest of the year, bring layered clothing: lightweight wool, hefty cotton, fleece. Pack one pair of shoes, wear the other.
  7. If you bring a computer or small appliances, pack an appropriate power adapter to recharge batteries. The three-pronged "D" adapter is the one needed for Ireland.
  1. Bring a carry-on bag that includes basic medications and necessities in case your luggage goes astray. Include your passport and any other important documents.
  2. Bring only the items to accommodate your needs. Two or three changes of trousers, three or four tops are adequate for most visits. Leave heirloom jewelry at home.
  3. Leave room in your suitcase for purchased sweaters and gifts.

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