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How to Use Parking Discs

Parking is rarely a problem in Ireland. The larger cities often have metered parking or parking garages, however, the disc is used in most towns and cities.

Difficulty Level: Average      Time Required: n/a

Here's How:
  1. Purchase paper disc at filling station, newsstand, shops, and tourist offices.
  2. Park vehicle in approved disc area (signposted).
  3. Using pencil or other pointed object, punch holes for appropriate year, month, day, hour, and minute.
  4. Fold over top, roll down side window, insert folded tab, then roll window up to secure form with punched times visible.
  1. Shops selling parking discs have a disc display in window.
  2. Double yellow lines on side of road indicate no parking.
  3. A single yellow line indicates parking, but with some restrictions.

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