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Frederic William Burton - The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, 1864
The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, 1864
Frederic William Burton
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Irish Jewelry with Meaning and Beauty
Guest article from Ciara at with information on lovely Irish symbols.

Follow Me Up to Carlow
Carlow, the Celtic County: a virtual tour of lush pastureland, lovely gardens, and a fascinating Megalithic tomb.

The Anatomy of a Hedgerow
Ireland's shrub flora can be found as part of a network of greenery crisscrossing the land. Read about the fascinating ecosystem in the country's hedgerows.

Gourmet Ireland
Everything old is new in the realm of the new Irish cuisine where today's food is based upon innovative ways with traditional fare, the emphasis being on fresh, local produce, meats and dairy. Our culinary journey begins at County Cork's Ballymaloe Cookery School.

A "Trip to Sligo"
One of four Connacht counties, Sligo is rich in neolithic remains. Sligo was the birthplace of Ireland's great poet William Butler Yeats. Queen Maeve is said to be buried near mighty Benbulben. Come with me as we take a virtual "trip to Sligo" and whet your appetite for more.

Getting Around Galway
Take a tour of medieval Galway. Visit St. Nicholas' Church, Lynch Gate, Eyre Square, historic Claddagh, and the lovely Tudor-styled University College, Galway. Afterward, check out some of the country's best shopping. Books, jewelry, crafts, musical instruments, and fine clothing abound in this quaint, vibrant city by the Corrib.

The Vikings in Ireland
For two hundred years Ireland endured a turbulent time with almost constant raids by Norsemen, both Norwegians and Danes. One group became merchants and traders, eventually assimilating with the native Irish. Read about this fascinating part of Irish history.

2010 International Car Rally Weekend
Touring the Safety Direct Galway International Rally Weekend at Oranmore.

Touring Ireland's Slieve Bloom Mountains
An array of interesting sights come alive for walkers who choose to explore Ireland's Slieve Bloom region.

Exploring Ireland's Ancient Monuments
A few of Ireland's top cultural attractions.

Museum Exhibits: Four Million Artifacts
A wide array of attractions spread over four locations.

One-of-a-Kind Dublin Theater Events
In store for the Dublin visitor: an autumn selection of unique theater events at a world-renown festival.

Ballintubber to Lanesborough Tour
More Interesting Sights in Counties Mayo, Roscommon and Longford on this Driving Tour.

Achill Yawl Sailing Festival
Sailing fans can enjoy the competitive races this July and August in County Mayo.

The Sacred Book of Kells
A mini history of this Dublin "must see" treasure.

Visiting Dublin:
with a few side trips to enhance your holiday.

The Fires of Midsummer's Eve: Delving into old Customs
Bonfire night in Ireland predates Christianity, yet the two are inexorably intertwined. Discover some of the interesting traditions associated with this annual and ancient observance.

Cavan: County of Contrasts
Mountains, hills, lakes and plain cover Ulster's southernmost county.

Winning the Turf - Fuel for the Family Fire
Cutting turf for the family fire is a centuries-old tradition in Ireland. But is the machine age threatening this fragile and finite resource?

Madame: A Revolutionary Woman
Constance Markievicz was the highest ranking woman among the Irish Rebel forces, and one of the most extraordinary. Born into a wealthy Anglo-Irish family, the Countess was brash, blunt, often misunderstood. She spent her life fighting for her country and the poor.

More Northern Treasures: Ulster Holiday, Part II
Green glens, dolmens, castles and loughs. Ulster at its finest.

Northern Treasures: A Taste of Ulster
A land of mountains, forest parks, lakes and windswept moors.

Visiting Belfast
Visit some of the attractions in Belfast, Europe's friendliest regional capital.

Ireland: Your Winter Destination
Plan a winter vacation in Ireland and savor scenic drives, cozy pubs, historic sights without the tourists.

A Blackwater Ramble
Exploring the quiet sights of Munster's Blackwater Valley.

An Irish Wedding
Guest columnist Sheila McMahon offers tips and tells about her fairy-tale wedding in Ireland.

The Magic of Mayo
Discover the West of Ireland: Mayo, a county on the move!

Driving Through Donegal
The Republic's most northerly county is famous for its mountains, deep glens, and many lakes, one of which is a celebrated holy place.

A Beara Journey: Quaint Villages, Gorgeous Scenery
Cork's most westerly peninsula stretches between Bantry Bay and the Kenmare Estuary and offers visitors some of Ireland's most scenic views.

Irish Great Houses: Golden Age of the Ascendancy
A mini-tour of some of Ireland's magnificent homes, legacy of the Anglo-Irish occupation.

An Corca Dhuibhne: The Dingle Peninsula
The Dingle Peninsula, favored spot of the independently minded traveler.

Brigit: "The Mary of the Gael"
Is St. Brigit of Kildare an incarnation of an older deity?

Not Just Another Cheese: Irish Farmhouse Cheese
Have you ever wondered how cheese is made? Visit a County Waterford dairy and see how it's done. Discover the delicious difference in Irish Farmhouse cheeses.

Louth: Land of Antiquities
A virtual tour through Ireland's smallest county reaps big rewards with treasures such as Monasterboice and Mellifont Abbey.

The Aran Islands
Three Connemara islands cling tenaciously to a vanishing way of life. A visitor's dream getaway.

Longford: Loveliest County of the Irish Plain
A virtual tour through this picturesque Midlands county of farmlands and lakes.

An Irish Christmas Eve Menu
Decorating tips and recipes to make your traditional Christmas Eve authentic.

An Irish Christmas
Discover the charming customs, good food, music, merriment, and loads of tradition that characterize an Irish Christmas.

Connemara: Splendid Isolation
Explore rock-strewn moors, the indented coastline, the twelve Bens, and serene Clifden in Connemara, a mecca for the unhurried traveler.

From Here to Clare
County Clare is rich in antiquities, yet hosts Ireland's Information Age town. Take a virtual journey through fascinating caves, to majestic cliffs, ruined churches and towers, the Burren, Lisdoonvarna and more.

The Wicklow Way
This leisurely, undemanding trail wends its way from the Dublin suburbs to the southern tip of County Wicklow.

Far from Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
At a time when hunger was rampant throughout the land, grain, livestock and butter exports increased. The Irish peasant had two choices: die or emigrate.

Black '47: When Ireland Starved
A second crop failure brings epidemic and the blind eye. Did England help enough?

An Gorta Mór: The Great Hunger
One hundred sixty-three years ago Ireland starved. Could this horrific catastrophe have been prevented? Who is to blame?

The Kingdom of Kerry
Tour the Kingdom of Kerry, Southwest Ireland's favored locale.

The Stately Shannon: Ireland's Magnificent Waterway
The Shannon cuts a broad swath through Irish heartland. Visit towns and ruins dotting the banks of this mighty river.

The Old Military Road
County Wicklow's Old Military Road is a relic from the ill-fated Rebellion of 1798. Built by the British to keep rebels from fleeing into the mountains and safety, the old road stretches over moor, meadow, and bog, one of Ireland's loveliest ... and loneliest.

Getting Married in Ireland
Simplifying the procedure. A list of requirements, addresses and links.

Easter 1916: The Fight for Irish Freedom
Ninety-seven years ago, a small band of Irish patriots struck a blow for Irish freedom. Though the Rising was doomed, it paved the way for Irish independence.

The Road to Freedom, Part 1
A traveler's guide to Dublin 1916, the War of Independence, and the Civil War.

The Road to Freedom, Part 2
A countrywide tour of monuments and memorials of Ireland's troubled times, 1916-1923.

Royal Meath: County of Kings
Visit Tara, the head of the Fenian cycle, and Meath, the County of Kings.

The Mummies of St. Michan's
In dusty vaults under this Dublin church are preserved the remains of several mummies. They're a visitor attraction, but not for the faint-hearted.

The Real St. Patrick
A brief history of the man behind the myth--Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is not the boisterous, sometimes rowdy funfest we enjoy in the United States. Find out how the natives celebrate their patron saint's day.

Castles of Ireland: Part II
For 700 years Dublin Castle was the seat of British administration in Ireland.

A Memory of Pallas Green
Travel with guest columnist Kat McMahon as she visits a living legend in County Limerick.

Castles of Ireland: Part I
Discover the past glory of Bunratty, Birr, Malahide, Kilkenny, and Cahir castles in part one of a virtual tour.

Kilkenny: Ireland's Medieval City
Kilkenny has many fine buildings to visit, both medieval and modern. Discover them on this walking tour.

A Magic Moment: Mysticism or What?
Your editor takes a trip to see an amazing hill in County Waterford.

Samhain: the Eve of All Hallow
All Hallow's Eve heralds the Celtic New Year but is steeped in pagan ritual. Discover some of Ireland's fascinating customs about the festival called "The Night of Mischief."

The Gap of Dunloe
Guest columnist Jeffrey Fair describes the beauty of hiking Killarney's Gap of Dunloe.

Inishowen: Ireland's Secret
Guest columnist Jim Kennedy cycles Donegal's Inishowen Peninsula.

Medieval Irish Castles
A study of the different types of medieval Irish castles and where to go to find them.

Conquer Jet Lag
Try this simple exercise on your next flight to Ireland.

Ireland's Holy Wells
Ancient culture mingles with Christianity. Ireland's holy wells long predate the coming of the Christians.

Down Dublin Streets
A walking tour of Ireland's capital where old and new merge. See fine Georgian architecture, a medieval castle, green parks, and a fine shopping mall.

Michael Collins
Ninety-one years have passed since Michael Collins was killed at Bealnablath in West Cork. Few names conjure up so much emotion as this leader who brought the might of the British Empire to its knees.

Traveler's Tool Kit:

Ireland Travel Planner - 100+ Pages
A collection of travel articles and Web links to facilitate your travel planning.

Photo Galleries - 200+ Pictures
View captioned photos for Connacht, Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Irish Castles.

See where you're headed with a collection of maps and map links for Ireland.

Tourist Office Directory
Use these addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail links to request free literature from Ireland's Bord Failte and other tourist organizations.

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Irish Cottages
Real Ire
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Dublin (Multi-image)
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